About Us

Split or Bust is brought to you again this year by the Cornwall Banger Rally Challenge Team. We have been helping create your Rally and dreaming up daft challenges over the years, leading the mayhem for 10 rallies. 

A long, long, time ago....well 2011 to be exact, St Austell Round Table decided it might be a wizard wheeze to organise a charity Banger Rally. Monte Carlo or Bust set off that September. The rally was such a success that the demand for another one was huge. The rest is history as you might say, except.. the reputation and popularity of the rally has grown and grown over the years. The outstanding organisation, amazing routes, crazy challenges, party nights, great campsites, and last-night parties are the stuff of legend, bringing many teams back year after year. But besides the fun, the main drive for the Rally has been to raise money for charities and over the years the Banger Rally Challenge has raised a phenomenal sum of over £1.2 million for charities across the country.

Meet the Team Leaders

The Banger Rally Challenge raises money for charities across Cornwall and Nationwide. Our job is to help you engage with your supporters by sharing your challenges and journey. The entire team is made up of volunteers who work all year to create a unique, exciting and challenging experience for ralliers. The Banger Rally Challenge rally is a non-profit organisation

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Sarah Hart

Small but very noisy indeed. Better known as Office Hooker, Sergeant Sausage's sidekick and together they protect the rally every day. Rally veterans, they have tirelessly helped to organise the rally. She is however, very naughty indeed!

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Alice Millgate 

The sensible one! Alice is the brains of the operation and keeps us focussed. She'll be the one on the end of the emails, posting on facebook and managing your entries. That's who Alice is!

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Gareth Fitzpatrick

Aka Sergeant Sausage, and his alter ego Wendy. She only comes out at night! Another member of the original Round Table team, Gareth is one of the few to have been on every Banger Rally Challenge.

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Darren Millgate

Thankfully managed these days by Alice, Darren is responsible for a great deal of Rally Mayhem. Pictured here with Officer Wendy on Wig Wednesday St Tropez or Bust


Melanie Lewis

As Commando Bond's sidekick Miss Muddyfanny. Mark and Melanie have often planned the rally routes and challenges. Not ready to grow up yet they are busy cooking up up some oddball activities for Split or Bust.

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Mark Lewis

As Commando Bond here on Porto or Bust. Aptly named after his penchant for stripping off... almost anywhere! Mark and Melanie are rally veterans and have been rally organisers for the last 8 rallies

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Mike Stevens

Mike is another rally veteran and original Round Table member of the team. You'll find him featured in a video or two over the years. Mike is masterminding all the legal and financial stuff we need.

Get in touch with the team

You can contact us by

email: info@bangerrallychallenge.org