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Split or Bust will be the 11th Rally brought to you by the Cornwall Banger Rally Challenge Team

See "About Us" to learn more about the team and the Banger Rally Challenge Story.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime and will give you a trip to remember driving on some of Europe's most scenic roads. The only snag is that your car must be an eligible "Banger" to win trophies or cash prizes. You can still enter in a younger vehicle and raise money for your chosen charity.

The Rally will start from Charlestown Harbour on Saturday 21st September and finishes at Split in Croatia

7 Days 7 Countries 7 Party nights.

On Saturday 28th we are planning an after rally Boat Trip and an optional second-night stay in Split is available. 

You are probably thinking there will be support en route. You are joking surely?  You really would not appreciate it if we deprived you of the uncertainty each day of whether your chosen chariot will make it to the next destination let alone start the next morning. Breaking down miles from anywhere, on a mountain pass in a strange country must be top banana in the entertainment stakes and worth the entry fee alone.

With all this excitement we know you can't wait to know how much this will cost to enter!

So please click on the Enter button below. Entries are limited so act now to secure your place.

Everything you need to know

You'll need a Car

You can enter the rally in any car you like and enter all the challenges. But.. you can't win a prize unless your vehicle is in the spirit of the rally, it must be more than 15 years old or cost less than £1000.  Be aware that certain additions to your vehicle are not tolerated by the police in Europe. They do not like removal of bumpers or addition of items on the bonnet like spikes that are not foam for instance. Gun turrets are completely out and so are fake guns. They can and will confiscate your vehicle and crush it... just saying. But please do decorate your vehicle, take a look at the videos on the homepage for inspiration.

What is the route ?

We never reveal the route, only the start and finish destinations. Each evening you will need to find your dedicated Team Leaders before they are trollied and have your challenges marked. Only then will you be given your destination and challenges for the next day. No exceptions. Our routes are designed to give you the best driving experience, taking you through windy roads, mountain passes and outstanding scenery. If you simply satnav to the next campsite, you will miss all the fun, the enroute challenges, the rest of the ralliers and be in the bar twiddling your thumbs by 3pm.

Do we have to do the challenges ?

No you don't have to do the challenges but there is not much point coming if you don't. Veteran ralliers will tell you that if you want to get the best out of this trip, engage with the spirit of the rally. Immerse yourself in a madcap week of messing about in cars, letting go of inhibitions, partying and carpool karaoke. Yep, its a challenge ! Your Team Leaders are there to help and encourage you. And there are prizes !

Do we have to raise money for charity ?

We can't force you but we expect you to and you will be asked for your charity when you sign up and how much you have raised to date. It only takes minutes to set up a Just Giving Page. Give yourself a £400 target. Share your story on social media, and post your rally stories daily, you'll be amazed how much you can raise. The team behind the rally volunteer their time to organise this charity event. If you do not have a charity then you can use our Just Giving page where we will be fundraising for Cornish Charities.

How about meals?

We have an optional evening meal and entertainment each evening. This entails providing meal vouchers for those who have booked and paid for meals.  You will need to arrange your own breakfasts and lunches. There will be a bar at each venue.

What are the Prizes ?

This year the overall winning team will win an epic £500 which we will donate to the charity of their choice, 2nd Place £300 and 3rd Place £100. The Best themed Car £300.

Winners also receive our coveted Piston Trophies. Trophies will be also be awarded to each of the 7 Stages Winners.

Make sure you're legal

You will need a passport with at least six months left before expiry or you will not be travelling. Check you car insurance covers you for Europe, it is normally not expensive to get that added. Make sure you have the new GHIC card and travel insurance. And European breakdown cover is a must. The Split or Bust Facebook group is a good place to ask for getting older cars covered. You will need some items such as headlight stickers, UK sticker, breathalysers, high viz and warning triangles to be road legal, check the latest advice. And you must have a copy of your vehicle documents with you. Oh and some beer tokens, Euros, get some of those too.

Where will we stay?

We will be providing accommodation each night mostly in campsites and occasionally in Hotels. You do not need to book any accommodation.  You can choose to camp, share a chalet or have a private chalet. We endeavour to provide the best accommodation we can in the area we need. We do need to stress that this is quite basic. Your entry fee includes camping, accommodation upgrades can be found in the Silver and Gold packages.