Rally Rules


We know this bit is all negative and a bit boring but please read it and make sure everyone in your team has read it too. The organisers reserve the right, in the event of anything we consider to be a serious breach of these rules, to remove a team from the rally without refund.

Rule One: No whinging.

This is not a luxury cruise set up by a slick travel company; it’s a challenge run by unpaid enthusiasts in aid of charity. The accommodation is basic. The food is often, shall we say, rustic. The days can be long and tiring. Your team leader is there to help you get the most out of the rally but not to fix your car, your shower, or your marriage. If you feel we can improve, please say so in the feedback form at the end of the rally. However, if you go with the flow and embrace the ride, you’ll have a blast.

Rule Two: You are responsible for yourself

The minimum age of a team member on the rally is 21 years. We take the view that as you are over 21, you are able to take responsibility for your personal safety and legal compliance. We are not going to ask you if your car is taxed and insured. There will be a bar on site every evening but we are not going to monitor how much you drink or if you are legal to drive in the morning. We will post links from time to time referring to European driving regulations but they do not constitute advice and are not a comprehensive list of your legal duties. We will be setting challenges along the way. If you feel that a challenge is hazardous, don’t do it; none of them are compulsory. Some may involve eating a local delicacy (no one who was there can forget the mustard challenge in Dijon), we won’t be giving allergen advice. Lastly if you break you pay for it. Damages to property or fines for leaving a chalet dirty are your responsibility not ours and you will have to pay them before you leave the campsite.

Rule three: IT'S NOT A RACE !

You are responsible for driving legally and safely. It is illegal to road race anywhere in Europe.

Rule four: Don’t end someone else’s rally

By all means, have fun. Stick stickers on other people's cars, cling film them, spray them with water pistols, but don’t deface or disable another rallier’s car and so end their rally. And do respect the enormous time and effort that has been put into their vehicles.

Rule five: scrutineering

To qualify as a banger, your car should be a minimum of 15 years old or cost under £1000. That is not set in stone, we are looking for vehicles in the spirit of the Rally to be eligible for prizes.

Rule six: Charity

First and foremost we have put this event together to enable charity fundraising. You are required to name your charity on entry.  Please do some fundraising just raising £400 per car between now and September will mean this rally will raise £30,000. We can help set up your JustGiving page and promote it for you. We will be posting ideas on how to do this on the website and Facebook. If you don't have a charity to support you can fundraise or donate to our JustGiving page in support of Cornish Charities